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Submitted on
December 6, 2005
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Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
had a wife and couldn’t keep her.
Poor old Peter worked hard all day,
while Peter’s wife went off to play.
His old wife slept with half the town,
this made Peter feel very down.
Then one day Peter had enough
and made up his mind, he’d be tough.
Peter, Peter, devised a plan
to catch her with another man.
Sneaky Peter thought hard all day
on how to cause his wife’s dismay.
Soon Peter set the perfect trap,
but when he caught her Peter snapped.
Not yet ready for what he saw,
sad old Peter began to bawl.
Then, in rage Peter fetched his knife
and then, quite quickly, took her life.
Now Poor Peter was in a bind,
he could not leave his wife behind.
And so he dragged them both back home
and laid them on a cutting stone.
He hacked and hacked, for what seemed days
till all was left were small filets.
The pieces left just had to go,
‘fore prying eyes began to show.
He disposed of his wife’s lover,
whom they will never recover,
for he threw half into a bog
and fed the last half to his dog.
The dog feasted upon the man,
which gave him a terrible plan.
In the fray he forgot to eat,
his wife now looked a tasty treat.
He fried her up so very well,
then stuffed her in a pumpkin shell.
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.
Had a wife, but couldn’t keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell.
And there she fed him very well.
Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater.
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her, very well.

This is the incomplete story of Peter Peter, The Pumpkin Eater... What follows is the more complete, tragic version, unknown to all until now, when I have finally released the truth to the unsuspecting world Mwhahaha

Heh heh but yah this is a twist on a popular nursery rhyme... Enjoy.

Form Used:
8 syllable lines
every two lines rhyme
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Phsychotica Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2006
...Dang. That's cool.
Levarius Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2006
Thank you so much!
Phsychotica Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2006
Your welcome. I have a friend who is trying to do another thing similar for a contest and I hate to say it but yours blows his right out of the water. I feel bad about saying that but I have to say it. Your poem is just Freaking Awesome.
theinkhead Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2006
OH SNAP!!! Soooo loving this. Got me a fondness for demented pumpkins ( though I know peter is a "real" man) anyhow, so how Could I not marry myself to this.
Besides a lovely twisted treat, the cadence is wonderfully kept throughout ... splendid job.
Levarius Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2006
You can't even imagine how honored I am to have YOU fave one of my pieces *does the silly happy dance* Ah man I love your work! thanks for reading mine!
theinkhead Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2006
*blush* you flatter me, your piece was toooo much fun and flavorfull, not to be faved. The rest of your writting is equally as masterfull, just this one struck a perticular chord. :D
AmbrMerlinus Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005

Holy shit, I love this. The detail, the rhyming... Fuck it, I love everything. I can't even explain.

Sorry for the shit comment, but I just have to fave...
Levarius Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005
Thanks there! I really appreciate it
enely Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005
:rofl: heheheh, love this poem
Levarius Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2005
Thanks :)
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